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Prana Holistic Centre blends ancient wisdom with modern practices for personalized well-being. Our expert-guided programs integrate allopathy, naturopathy, yoga, and meditation, fostering balance and vitality in a serene environment. Join us for a transformative health journey.

Harmony in Healing: Unveiling Prana Holistic Centre’s Integrated Approach

Explore the unique integrated approach at Prana Holistic Centre, where we seamlessly blend Meditation, Lifestyle Modification, and Tai-Chi, with a special emphasis on wellness and fertility. Our commitment to holistic well-being is evident in every aspect of our center, as we tailor personalized journeys to optimal health. Embrace the transformative power of our expert-guided programs, where ancient wisdom harmonizes with modern practices to enhance wellness and fertility.

Prana Holistic Centre intertwines Meditation, Lifestyle Modification, and Tai-Chi, with a focus on promoting wellness and fertility. Our holistic approach cultivates a harmonious mind-body connection, fostering balance and vitality in a serene environment. Tailored to your unique needs, our blend of traditional and contemporary healing techniques paves the way for holistic parenthood. Embrace the reality of harmony in healing at Prana Holistic Centre, where your journey to optimal health unfolds, with a special emphasis on family wellness and fertility.

Healing of Family Starts From Women be the One to Heal and Heal Your Family


Dr. Sumithra Sundararaman

Dr Sumithra Sundararaman heads the team of doctors at Prana started on 2015. She is a qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist, with over 20 years of experience in this field. She has been working for several years in the field of fertility, and is well-versed in IVF and cosmetic gynaecology. She has a post-graduate diploma in acupuncture from Harvard Medical School, and is a keen student of traditional medicine and diet. She has a post-graduate diploma in ART & Reproductive Medicine from The University of Kiel, Germany. Patients come back to her because she combines effective medical treatment with a sympathetic ear along with practical advice.she also has post graduate diploma in acupunucture.



Lifestyle Modification


Yoga and Tai-Chi

Holistic Healthcare For All

Commence a holistic journey towards parenthood at Prana Holistic Centre, where our tailored approach caters to both men and women. Blending conventional and holistic practices, we provide personalized nutrition plans, mind-body therapies, and comprehensive care to optimize health on the path to parenthood. Our integrated approach addresses individual needs, creating a harmonious foundation for those seeking to build a family. Prana Holistic Centre is committed to supporting and empowering individuals on their unique journey to parenthood through a holistic lens that nurtures overall well-being.

Mission & Vision

At Prana Holistic Centre, our mission is to empower individuals on their journey towards holistic parenthood. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive space where the integration of mind, body, and spirit is at the core of our approach. Through personalized and comprehensive holistic health care services, we aspire to guide our community towards optimal health, fostering a sense of balance, vitality, and fulfillment.

Prana Holistic Centre foresees a world where holistic health care is universally accessible, acknowledged, and embraced as an indispensable aspect of individual and community well-being. We aim to lead the way in establishing the prominence of holistic health care for both male and female, setting new standards for excellence in personalized and integrative practices. Our vision extends beyond conventional health care paradigms, envisioning a future where individuals are equipped to lead vibrant, balanced lives through the transformative influence of holistic parenthood.To guide the couple to achieve there dream of becoming parents.



What defines holistic health care, and how does it distinguish itself from conventional medicine?

Holistic health care encompasses a comprehensive approach that considers the entirety of an individual—mind, body, and spirit—in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness. In contrast to conventional medicine, which often targets specific symptoms, holistic health care seeks to address the underlying causes of illness by taking into account various facets of a person’s life, including lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional well-being.


What services does Prana Holistic Centre offer to support holistic health?

Prana Holistic Centre provides a comprehensive range of services catering to various women’s health issues such as PCOS, Menopause, and AUB (Abnormal Uterine Bleeding). Our integrated approach combines acupuncture, Lifestyle Modification, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, mindfulness meditation, and Tai-Chi classes. Our experienced practitioners work collaboratively to design personalized plans, seamlessly integrating these modalities for overall well-being.


How does holistic health care contribute to mental health and stress management?

Holistic health care enhances mental health and stress management through practices like Tai-Chi and Yoga, promoting mind-body harmony. Counselling offers emotional support, while Massage Therapy and Aroma Therapy ease tension. These modalities collectively address the root causes, fostering resilience and relaxation for comprehensive well-being.


Is holistic health care suitable for everyone, and can it complement conventional medical treatments?

Holistic health care is inclusive and beneficial for individuals of all ages and health conditions. It is not intended to replace conventional medical treatments but rather to complement them. Prana Holistic Centre encourages collaboration with medical professionals to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and healing.


How can I initiate my holistic health care journey at Prana Holistic Centre?

To embark on your holistic health journey at Prana Holistic Centre, you can initiate the process by scheduling an initial consultation with one of our practitioners. During this session, we will discuss your health goals, concerns, and preferences. Subsequently, we will collaboratively develop a personalized plan aligned with your unique needs, promoting holistic well-being.

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